Birmingham Boardgame Bash 9

The ninth Birmingham Boardgame Bash will be on Saturday 13th July, hosted by the Meeple Mayhem boardgame cafe. Three designers new to the Bash will be joined by four regulars.

Those from afar…

  • David Newton, the designer of Temp Worker Assassins, is bringing Petty Cash Thieves, a resource management, worker placement game set in a fantasy market where you have to steal cash from local businesses, use that cash to take over businesses and recruit interns to the acquirer’s guild. It is for 2 to 5 players and takes about 15 minutes per player.
  • Joseph Norris, our regular from Oxford, is bringing back Fixer, a deck-building game with a unique supply and demand mechanic. Compete with your rival fixers to become the most notorious and wealthy fixer in dystopian Birmingham. Make connections with dealers for weapons, cybernetics and gear as well as customers to set yourself up as the middle man. Supply the powerful Nightlancers to get the most chips and prestige. The game is for 2-4 players and lasts 1-2 hours.
  • Danny Tucker will be wandering over from Wolverhampton with Caladium – Honour in Blood, the fantasy-based PVP strategy fighting game where players test their wits and arena-fighting skills in teams or alone.

Those from Brum…

  • Chris Dean, one-man game team Psychic Cactus Games, will be providing variety with two RPGs! Is It a Plane!? is a recently published comic book game that replaces dice-based task resolution with DRAWING! Want to punch the villain into space… you can… if you can doodle it in 1 minute. And if that’s what the Editor thought you drew. Die By the Sword, currently in development, is a grimdark fantasy RPG where players bid Points and descriptions to try to create an Engagement Total to defeat Challenge Totals. Rather than immediate success or failure, players have a constantly shifting battle where they must decide if accepting Failure is better than Burning all their Points.
  • Zsolt Batki will delight us with family card game The Pooper Heroes (2-6 players, ages 6 and up, playtime approx. 15 mins) and a not-yet-titled 3 dimensional strategic game (2 players, age 8+, playtime approx. 15 mins).
  • Simon Milburn is returning with Dice Diner, a dice drafting and manipulation game for 2-5 players. Take dice from the kitchen, manipulate them to suit the customer’s orders and take the tips from the tables by fulfilling orders. The first player to complete 4 orders ends the game and the player with the most tips wins!
  • Salvo Guastella is also back, with two new games: cooperative game Xibalba, themed around the Mayan calendar, and the card game Brawlings.

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