Caladium – Honour in Blood

Caladium is a fantasy-based PVP strategy fighting game where players test their wits and skills in a arena fighting in teams or alone. Caladium was born from a brainwave Danny had many months ago, and in the weeks that followed he sat with some friends using borrowed figures and boards along with a trusty notepad and pencil, scribbling notes and ideas and testing them out. Over time it was moulded into the game we now know.

It has evolved from being an A4 hand-drawn map to printed A3 paper maps with supporting equipment and character cards. Caladium is in its final stage prior to release, with official cards printed and a solid board designed by Danny. The final element is the artwork, which has been commissioned from Andy Nelms Art.

For the latest updates and more of the artwork see the Facebook and Instagram pages for Caladium.

Designer: Danny “Mullet Man” Tucker
Number of players: 2-6
Playing time: 20-60 minutes
Recommended age: 13+

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