Birmingham Game Designers moving into 2021

Designing board and other tabletop games is a lengthy and involved process. So we can't talk about 2021 without looking back on 2020. First of all, we'd like to celebrate the games published by Birmingham game designers in the past year. These include: Solar Storm (Dranda Games) by Ayden Lowther This War Without an Enemy... Continue Reading →

Fox on the Run has launched on Kickstarter!

Fox on the Run is a competitive game for 2 to 4 players designed by Salvo Guastella, one of the most active members of Birmingham Game Designers. There are two factions, Foxes and Guardians, each with a different winning condition and made of characters with unique traits. All characters have a special ability to use... Continue Reading →

Houses of Knowledge is on Kickstarter

Houses of Knowledge is a 2 to 4-player game, set collection game in which players take the role of museum curators. Designed by Thibaut Dévigne and published under his own Two Red Squares label, it has featured twice at the Birmingham Boardgame Bash. The Kickstarter campaign began earlier today and will run until 30th April.

This War Without an Enemy in the media

Here's a round up of interviews with me - Scott Moore, the designer of This War Without an Enemy - and other content that have appeared on blogs, Websites and Youtube over the past couple of months. Videos: Preview: This War Without an Enemy from Nuts! Publishing - The Players' Aid Entrevista: Scott Moore - Espinete Wargamero... Continue Reading →

March at Meeple Mayhem

Unfortunately both of these events are now cancelled due to the mandatory closure of Meeple Mayhem. We apologise for the inconvenience but hope to bring you all of the things below at another time. On behalf of all the Birmingham Board Game Designers I would like to wish you all the best at this difficult... Continue Reading →

Nightlancer is live on Kickstarter!

Nightlancer, the cyperpunk board game set in the Britain of 2099 and designed by Joseph Norris, launched on Kickstarter earlier today. After only 9 hours it has reached over 110 backers and is more than 60% funded. Joe is based in Oxford, but has been a member and keen supporter of Birmingham Game Designers since... Continue Reading →

Spotlight on Game Manufacturing

We'd like to announce a special event on the 20th of February. Tyler Lipchen from Panda Game Manufacturing (the company behind our recent Jam) is sharing some insights with us: How does a prototype become a product? What digital tools help it along the way? How does my game receive the finish it deserves? The... Continue Reading →

This War Without an Enemy is funded!

The Kickstarter for This War Without an Enemy has just finished. We reached 232% of our funding target from 367 backers! Add in 105 pre-order customers and that's 472 in total! A late pledge will be open for another month, click on the link below if you missed out during the campaign: Kickstarter page

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