Welcome to Birmingham Game Designers

We are a motley crew of avid tabletop gamers who are eager to give something back to the hobby and the community by devising games, helping new game designers produce the best possible games, and sharing our thoughts and experiences about the processes and obstacles we have faced so far.

So, if you have a game idea keeping you up at night, if you find yourself adding cards or components to existing games and would like to find a place to expand upon and focus these thoughts (and if you live within a sensible travelling distance of Birmingham) then we would gladly welcome you into our group.

We have both weekly and monthly meet ups:

Weekly at Meeple Mayhem, Edgbaston, B16 8UU on Saturdays from 11am until late

And monthly – on the second Thursday of each month – at The Woodman, City Centre, B5 5LG from 7pm until late.


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