Birmingham Boardgame Bash 9th November 2019

The eleventh Birmingham Boardgame Bash will be on this Saturday 9th November at the Meeple Mayhem boardgame cafe. This time we have a half dozen of local designers. Nicki Lloyd, designer of Immortality will be back with the second game in his planned trilogy. Jim Heru, is returning with Heroes of Owre, a 2-5 player dungeon adventure game. Play... Continue Reading →

Congratulations to Dranda Games!

The Kickstarter for Solar Storm, designed by Ayden Lowther and published by Dranda Games, has now finished. It raised a whopping £68k (1166% of the target) from 2,896 backers! The game can still be preordered and is scheduled to be delivered to backers in May 2020.

Birmingham Boardgame Bash 10

The tenth Birmingham Boardgame Bash will be on this Saturday 14th September at the Meeple Mayhem boardgame cafe. We're very pleased to have Ayden Lowther with his current Kickstarter hit Solar Storm, plus two other returning designers, and two who are new to the Bash. From afar... David Newton, the designer of Temp Worker Assassins, is bringing Petty Cash Thieves,... Continue Reading →

Saigon 75 on Kickstarter

Okay, so it's not quite a game by a Birmingham designer. However, I've been involved in developing this game over the past year, including demoing it at the Spiel and UK Games Expo and helping out with the current Kickstarter. Saigon 75 is a moderate complexity two-player, highly asymmetrical game on the Vietnamese War. The... Continue Reading →

Kickstarter news

I've made a couple of posts recently about Kickstarter campaigns associated with Birmingham Game Designers, so I'd like to provide an update about them, as well as some other related news. First of all, congratulations to Tom Lovewell of Redwell Games on the successful funding of his Kickstarter campaign for Six Gun Showdown! Secondly, Birmingham... Continue Reading →

Daring Dustbunnies live on Kickstarter!

The Kickstarter campaign for Daring Dustbunnies by local designer Andy Hopwood went live earlier today! Whether you are a first rate fluffomancer or just fancy some fun, then check out the details on the Kickstarter page and consider pledging for a copy.

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