March at Meeple Mayhem

Unfortunately both of these events are now cancelled due to the mandatory closure of Meeple Mayhem. We apologise for the inconvenience but hope to bring you all of the things below at another time. On behalf of all the Birmingham Board Game Designers I would like to wish you all the best at this difficult time.

We have two exciting events at Meeple Mayhem (B16 9AG) this month: a Boardgame Bash on Saturday the 21st of March and a Game Jam on Saturday the 28th of March. These events start at 12pm and taking part is £5 (which also covers use of the cafe’s game library).

Our Boardgame Bashes are showcases of the work of indie designers from around the country. The games are unpublished and often in prototype stage – giving you the opportunity to playtest and provide feedback, contributing to the project in a unique way. Here’s what’s on offer:

  • Lottie and Jack Hazell will bring Dog Park, in which you are dog walkers trying to grow your business and improve your skills. To do these things, you must recruit, play and walk dogs and complete objectives. Dog Park is a tableau building, card-driven, mid-weight, family friendly game for dog lovers. 2-5 players, 40-70 minutes.
  • Paul Spencer will return with Overstocked, a spacial card laying game (think Honshu) with a focus on interactive scoring. In the game you’re stocking your warehouse with top 90s fads whilst trying to manage the demand. If one item becomes overstocked it will score negatively. Playtime 15 minutes.
  • Stephen Fleetwood-Joyce will bring Bronze Empires, a Bronze Age themed medium weight 4X game, with narrative elements and tableaux building. 2-4 players, 120 minutes
  • Kelsey Munro and Emily Pardoe-Billings will bring Yokai no Matsuri which is a game about building a magical festival and inviting mystical creatures to attend.
  • Richard Buxton will bring Pokémon: the Copyright Infringement Game, a deck-tableau builder in which you can collect, evolve and battle all 150 Pokémon from the original games (OK, the 151st hasn’t made it in yet). 3-4 players, 45 minutes.
  • Gregory Carslaw will bring Pantheon: The world is dying and the gods compete for the right to shape the next one. You will be a master of three elements and call forth champions to claim worshippers. Will you be a god of love, honour and heroism or war, strife and chaos? A bluffing card game for 2-4 players.

If playing interesting prototypes is not enough for you, try making your own at our second Game Jam, this time sponsored by The Game Crafter and with prize support from Immortal Gaming. Form your team, receive your design brief and components then build your prototype in 2.5 hours with support from a Game Guide. You will then playtest the other designs and our judges will choose a winner. This is an excellent way to experiment with game ideas and no experience is necessary! Check out this video get a flavour of our Game Jams.

More information can be found on the following Facebook links:

Board Game Bash – 21st March

The Game Crafter’s Jam – 28th March

The Birmingham Boardgame Designers

Meeple Mayhem, board game cafe

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