The Mystery Box Game Jam


Date: 30/09/19

Venue: Meeple Mayhem, Birmingham

Resource provider: Panda Game Manufacturing

Judges: Richard Denning, Jane Denning

Prize support: ASK Games

Winning Design:

Save the Panda

We all know pandas are not particularly interested in staying alive. Players are caretakers of a little, daring panda. The goal is to keep the panda alive and healthy till the end of the game, removing any potential danger!

Other designs:

What is the Panda?

Gather resources to unlock the secrets of a dying world, using unique powers to succeed in destroying monsters and rescuing survivors. At the end, you must decide who will become the new world.

The Ultimate Panda Seduction

Get the panda in the mood for mating (Pandas are notoriously bad at this) and get it back in its enclosure. Avoid distractions! If your panda is too distracted, it will not be able to mate! </3


A game in which a giant panda stalks the land while players attempt to gather resources. The closest to the panda’s lair are the most valuable.

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