Spotlight on Game Manufacturing

We'd like to announce a special event on the 20th of February. Tyler Lipchen from Panda Game Manufacturing (the company behind our recent Jam) is sharing some insights with us: How does a prototype become a product? What digital tools help it along the way? How does my game receive the finish it deserves? The... Continue Reading →

This War Without an Enemy is funded!

The Kickstarter for This War Without an Enemy has just finished. We reached 232% of our funding target from 367 backers! Add in 105 pre-order customers and that's 472 in total! A late pledge will be open for another month, click on the link below if you missed out during the campaign: Kickstarter page

Birmingham Boardgame Bash 18th January 2020

The twelfth Birmingham Boardgame Bash, on Saturday 18th January at the Meeple Mayhem boardgame cafe, will feature a great line up of games by designers from near and far. Paul Spencer, designer of Nothing to Declare, will be bringing Overstocked, a spacial card laying game with a focus on interactive scoring. In the game you're stocking your... Continue Reading →

Birmingham Boardgame Bash 9th November 2019

The eleventh Birmingham Boardgame Bash will be on this Saturday 9th November at the Meeple Mayhem boardgame cafe. This time we have a half dozen of local designers. Nicki Lloyd, designer of Immortality will be back with the second game in his planned trilogy. Jim Heru, is returning with Heroes of Owre, a 2-5 player dungeon adventure game. Play... Continue Reading →

Congratulations to Dranda Games!

The Kickstarter for Solar Storm, designed by Ayden Lowther and published by Dranda Games, has now finished. It raised a whopping £68k (1166% of the target) from 2,896 backers! The game can still be preordered and is scheduled to be delivered to backers in May 2020.

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