Congratulations to Birmingham-based designer Andy Hopwood on yet another award!

We’re chuffed that Andy Hopwood has won yet another award from the UK Games Expo to add to his already overburdened awards shelf. This time his latest game, Daring Dustbunnies, has won the judges award for Best New Family Game 2021. Together with Mijnlieff – his 2010 UKGE winner for Best Abstract Game – and Zoom Zoom Ka-Boom!! – his 2012 UKGE winner for Best Boardgame – this makes Andy a triple award winner. I predict that next year he’ll the win the only other important category remaining – Best New Accessory – when he launches the Hopwood fashion range of bunny ear hats for Birmingham-based board game designers with rabbit-themed games.

We would have made this photo the cover image, but Andy’s head is already quite large enough, so we’ve relegated it to the article.

Of course, Andy was a local board game superstar even before becoming a triple award winner. He is regularly featured across the local media and consulted as an expert in all things board gaming, as shown by this article in Birmingham’s most high brow newspaper. In fact, he is possibly Brum’s second-most famous board game designer after Anthony Pratt, the inventor of Cluedo.

Andy also (probably) holds the world record for explaining Mijnlieff. You can view his 2016 sub-30 second record-breaking explanation on the UK Gaming Youtube channel and, of course, it can also be found in the BBC, CNN and Mongolian TV archives.

Andy’s millinery masterplan was formed many years ago when an unsuspecting games demonstrator accidentally purchased a pair of bunny ears and placed them on his head without a hat to sport them. Mortally embarrassed, he immediately invested millions in Andy’s hat-making business.

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  1. Love the article.

    Really pleased for Andy. I’ll always be indebted for his advice on games design and publishing when I first attended UK Games Expo – and it was a real pleasure to have a stand next to his the folowing year.

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