Mike Nudd and Andy Hopwood at Birmingham Boardgame Bash 3

After realising that we were entirely devoid of hat-wearing designers at our next event, we're pleased to announce that two marvellous millinophiles will be joining us for BBB3 at Meeple Mayhem on 16th June:  Mike Nudd - the acclaimed designer of Waggle Dance and Dice Hospital - and Andy Hopwood - the creative force of... Continue Reading →

Nightlancer Preview

Joseph Norris will be bringing Nightlancer to Birmingham Boardgame Bash 3 at Meeple Mayhem on 16th June. Here is a short preview from the designer himself: I'm Joseph Norris the developer for Nightlancer. I've been an enthusiastic gamer and follower of the cyberpunk genre for over 20 years and have been designing games as a hobby for... Continue Reading →

Birmingham Boardgame Bash 3

The next in our series of imaginatively titled events will burst into action at Meeple Mayhem from midday on Saturday 16th June. That's (almost) a whole two weeks for you to recover from the UK Games Expo, so you have no excuse not to come along. This time, we have a quartet of specially-selected guest... Continue Reading →

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