Solar Storm

Solar Storm is a 45-minute, cooperative survival game for 2-4 players aimed at those that value collaboration and strategy. Players will need to repair and secure the spacecraft before making their escape. Damage control and resource management are crucial to ensure their survival. Action tokens can be used immediately or saved to activate locations with powerful abilities. Repair every room and make it to the teleporter to escape before players run out of resources or their spacecraft becomes too damaged to continue.

Solar Storm2

Solar Storm is set on a small courier spacecraft that finds itself caught up in a meteor storm and can no longer function effectively. The only way off the spacecraft is via the teleportation device. Unfortunately for you it is programmed to only work if the spacecraft is in a salvageable state. You best go secure this spacecraft if you want any chance of surviving.

Designer: Ayden Lowther
Number of players: 2-4
Playing time: 45 minutes

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