Be the Best – Zombie Survivor Edition


Be the Best is available on It is the first of, what was planned to be, a series of games.

This is a card game where players aim for most points overall across a number of categories such as Protection, Shelter and Zombie Threat. There are action cards players can use to steal other player’s cards, swap out their own or give bonuses to their own categories.

This is easy to learn and a great family game with a fun art style.

A second version of this is already created, Be The Best – Geek Edition. This has not yet been released after a failed Zombie Survivor Edition Kickstarter due to many rookie mistakes made. Hopefully lessons have been learned from this first experience and if interest is shown, then both may see a comeback to be released in the future.

Designer: Nicki Lloyd
Number of players: 2-5

Playing time: 10-20 minutes
Availability: for purchase on TheGameCrafter

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