Britain 2099. Society crumbles as the authorities fight to keep everything under their control. Cities are divided into cloistered inner cities cut off from the outside world, and the dangerous slums riddled with chaos and violence.

In the city slums organised crime and roving street gangs battle for control. Death cults try to turn the desperate population to their fanatical causes.

People lose all sense of themselves and succumb to Techshock in their struggle to keep up with everything in the ever-changing state of technology and society. The worst of the Techshocked form into savage Shockpacks, driven only by thoughtless and violent pack mentality.

A small handful struggle to escape the world that is out to destroy them. People that don’t want to live under anyone’s control or become one of the controllers. They’ll do whatever they can in the seedy underworld to escape the crumbling society before it collapses and takes them out in the process.

People call them the Nightlancers.

Nightlancer is a competitive cyberpunk game with character building, risk taking and take that gameplay.

Choose your unique Nightlancer, trade on the black market, use your contact network and take on challenging missions to improve your prospects and survive the dystopian world. Play aggressively against your opponents fighting them for missions and turning your contacts on them, or stay aloof and focus on your own survival.

At the very heart of the experience is living out the career of an underworld operative in a world turned to hell, struggling to escape the corrupt society and find freedom.

2-4 players (optional solitaire and cooperative rules)
120+ minutes
Strong, integrated theme
8 unique Nightlancer characters to play
Character building, risk taking and take that gameplay
Extensively replayable

Also see the Nightlancer websiteFacebook page and Wiki.

Designer: Joseph Norris

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