Master of Olympus

There are plenty of film adaptations of the Greek myths, and they often include a scene where the Gods are sitting on Mount Olympus, watching the story unfold. The way they see the story is represented by a board game and, surprisingly, this game has never been made. Until now.

Players assume the role of a God or Goddess, each with a unique bonus, and use heroes, creatures and armies to prove their dominance of the ancient Greek world. Victory points are collected by conquering key cities (usually those owned by other players) and sending heroes on quests for artefacts.

Master of Olympus employs a unique stacking mechanic to represent the size of armies, fleets and creatures. The number of stacks a player can support is limited, so strategic deployment of troops is essential. Victory in combat is largely based on the relative sizes of stacks, but clever use of Power cards can allow a stack to punch way above its weight.

All players act simultaneously, so there is no down time in the game. Orders are chosen secretly using a simple player mat, and are then executed at the same time.

Master of Olympus features a wealth of strategic options for 2 to 4 players (play time: 90 minutes). Key figures from the myths are present in the Knowledge and Power cards which the Gods, in their relentless pursuit of victory points, will collect.

Designer: Richard Buxton
Number of players: 1-4
Playing time: 90 minutes


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