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We are a motley crew of avid tabletop gamers who are eager to give something back to the hobby and the community by devising games, helping new game designers produce the best possible games, and sharing our thoughts and experiences about the processes and obstacles we have faced so far.

So, if you have a game idea keeping you up at night, if you find yourself adding cards or components to existing games and would like to find a place to expand upon and focus these thoughts then we would gladly welcome you into our group. Equally, if you are interested in playtesting new and unpublished board games, you’ll find lots to enjoy here.

ProfileRory J. Somers

Games: Bad Pets

I’ve been a tabletop game of one type or another since my early teens, starting with the obligatory Warhammer, and especially Warhammer Quest.  Matt Leacock’s Pandemic was “forced” upon after a dinner with some old friends and I’ve never looked back.  After amassing a sprawling and fairly diverse collection of mainly board games I turned my hand at Game Design in early 2017.

David at ArmadaConDavid Wake

I founded this group, but only because Rob at the UK Expo said no-one was running anything for in the Midlands. I’m an author of near-future SF and steampunk with a political novel on the way. I’ve been a Guest of Honour at a couple of SF conventions. One of my heroines is designing a game for the next book, so I thought I ought to invent something that actually works.

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Scott MooreScott6

Games: This War Without an Enemy, Hungaria

I designed my first boardgame more than 30 years ago, an Asterix-themed version of Talisman, but I became more serious about game design around 10 years ago after discovering euro games and modern board wargames. My 2-player block wargame This War Without an Enemy is now available to pre-order from Nuts! Publishing. I am currently working on a 3-5 player historical game called Hungaria.


Richard Buxton

Games: Master of Olympus

I’ve been designing board games since 2011, when I decided to try to represent the entirety of Greek mythology in a single board game. The result, Master of Olympus, will be on Kickstarter in 2018. Over the years I have learnt to love all aspects of the Tabletop world, and I am always excited by games with interesting themes which challenge the accepted “norms” of gaming. My favourite games include Dixit, Smallworld and Seven Wonders.

AC Photo 1 Andrew Clayton

I’m a creative writer and musician with a game design habit. With two games successfully Kickstarted, and several more always simultaneously on the boil, I’m constantly looking for new ideas. Most of my games are basically confrontational and card or dice based. I’m in this for the laughs and the community around the table.

Nicki LloydIMG_20180112_210340

Games: ImmortalityOddz N Evenz,
Be The Best – Zombie Survivor Edition

I am an average guy, have a family and a full time job and I enjoy normal things such as playing games and hanging out with friends, maybe with a beer once in a while. I enjoy looking after and spending time with my family and enjoying the odd film at the cinema when I get time. I have always had a big imagination and some time ago, I thought it would be a great idea to share my imagination in a fun way for other people than myself to enjoy and this has come out in the form of games. I would be so pleased if down the line, I stumble across someone playing one of my games in a café or talking about them online. If I bring half as much enjoyment to people playing them as I have creating the games then I would be absolutely chuffed. Always happy to talk and discuss new ideas and welcome challenges and I look forward to hopefully being more involved with the Board Game community in any way that I can.

1476016_10152479600879377_458190008_n-150x150Simon Milburn

Games: Tinmates

Simon designs board games for Dranda Games. He has been designing games since 2007, but they didn’t get very good until about 2015. When he’s not designing board games (or playing them) he enjoys martial arts (as a jiu-jitsu instructor), films, video games, and reading. Simon received a lifetime achievement award when he graduated university and, although he was honoured, it has led to multiple midlife crises.

Andy Hopwood 20180203_113504(0)

Games: Mijnlieff, Zoom Zoom Kaboom!

My love for games goes right back to playing cribbage with my Dad. I cannot remember when I started designing but I do have the rules I wrote for a global travel game from when I was in my late teens. Game design got real when I committed to making Niche in aid of Conductive Education. When you say you’ll make something for charity you feel compelled to do it, regardless of how scary it is. Since then I have made several games including Mijnlieff and Zoom Zoom Kaboom which both won awards and I’ve been a regular exhibitor at the UK Games Expo since 2010.


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