Birmingham Boardgame Bash 18th January 2020

The twelfth Birmingham Boardgame Bash, on Saturday 18th January at the Meeple Mayhem boardgame cafe, will feature a great line up of games by designers from near and far.

  • Paul Spencer, designer of Nothing to Declare, will be bringing Overstocked, a spacial card laying game with a focus on interactive scoring. In the game you’re stocking your warehouse with top 90s fads whilst trying to manage the demand. If one item becomes overstocked it will score negatively..
  • Thibault Dévigne is returning with Houses of Knowledge, a competitive collection game for 2-4 players and lasting 60 minutes, in which players try to build up their museum while preventing other players to do so. Players buy rooms and items to expose in those rooms to generate income. Income is used to buy more rooms and items or action cards that either provides the active player with an advantage or allow the active player to act upon another player’s museum and slow its development.
  • Richard Davis will be at the Bash for the first time with Outbreak: The Zombie Apocalypse Game, a cooperative board game for 1 to 8 players that takes at least 1 hour. You play as a survivor group in a post-apocalyptic world where you are trying to protect the Survivor City from the zombie hordes, before they reach the Main Base and kill the helpless inside. Players control a skilled survivors who must work together to fight back the hordes of zombies.
  • In Deckchairs on the Titanic, by Tom Holness, the year is 1912 and the unsinkable Titanic is setting sail on her maiden voyage across the Atlantic. You have secured yourself the coveted position of deckchair attendant on the first-class promenade. To earn tips, you must fight other attendants to reserve deckchairs for passengers in their favourite spots on the promenade. Keep rearranging your deckchairs even as the ship rocks from side to side and a pesky block of ice skids around the deck. There’s nothing to worry about, the ship is unsinkable – just keep your eye on those deckchairs! For 2-4 players and with a duration of 15-30 minutes.
  • Salvo Guastella of StarSeeker Games has a couple of games to try out. Xibalba is an asymmetric collaborative game based on the Mayan calendar. The goal is simple: arrange all the pieces in the right order before the time runs out… with a few twists. Brawlings (2-4 players / 20 minutes) features grumpy creatures that came from another dimension and love to fight. Who will win the Brawl? Will it be a sturdy Beast, a treacherous Demon or a mysterious Magic Creature? The goal is to score the most points at the end of the game by knocking out and collecting Brawlings. Three of them will become you Champions, and their score multiplier will be used for calculating your final score. Brawlings is a modular card game: you can choose to add or remove modules and change the game flow, possible strategies and playing time.
  • There will also be two games from Tim Maddams. Ceilidh is a predicting programmable game for 2-5 people. Players are each members of a Ceilidh band playing different instruments. Together the taken turns playing cards to create a song sheet. Once the song is complete the dancers begin to move. But where will they end up? A Points are scores for predicting the correct outcome of the dance. That’s Not my Monster, is a monster building card game for 2-4 children. Players play cards to create a monster during the day, but at night they sneak into each others labs to rearrange things. Come the morning what monster will you be left with?

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