Birmingham Boardgame Bash 10

The tenth Birmingham Boardgame Bash will be on this Saturday 14th September at the Meeple Mayhem boardgame cafe. We’re very pleased to have Ayden Lowther with his current Kickstarter hit Solar Storm, plus two other returning designers, and two who are new to the Bash.

From afar…

  • David Newton, the designer of Temp Worker Assassins, is bringing Petty Cash Thieves, a resource management, worker placement game set in a fantasy market where you have to steal cash from local businesses, use that cash to take over businesses and recruit interns to the acquirer’s guild. It is for 2 to 5 players and takes about 15 minutes per player.

From Brum…

  • Ayden Lowther of Dranda Games is returning with Solar Storm, which is a few days into a Kickstarter campaign and is already at 400% of its target! Work together, or die alone in this cooperative survival game for 1-4 players that will make even the most hardened crews and solo players swelter. Hand management, careful use of your actions, and teamwork are the key to weathering the Solar Storm. Repair different areas of the ship and divert power back to the Energy Core, all whilst the ship continues to take damage from the Solar Storm. Succeed and you’ll live. Fail, and you’ll all perish in the scorching abyss.
  • Tim Maddens will be at the Bash for first time with Running Bull, a 2-4 player game that plays in 30-60 mins. The aim of the game is to run bull, so you can win by dodging the bulls or by running bull (lying). As it is a race game, you move your runner thought the streets of Pamplona by placing a card in front of you face down and declaring what it is. The other players then can call you a liar or not.
  • Jim Heru, also new to the Bash, will be there with Heroes of Owre, a 2-5 player dungeon adventure game. Play as fictional heroes from the world of 5AE Legacy, then put yourselves to the test as you and your team battle through mind bending puzzles and deadly mutated creatures, slowly building up your arsenal, ready for the ultimate challenge.
  • Sean Buckland, designer of the forthcoming Fire Gangs: 1840s, will be bringing his latest creation to playtest.

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