Kickstarter news

I’ve made a couple of posts recently about Kickstarter campaigns associated with Birmingham Game Designers, so I’d like to provide an update about them, as well as some other related news.

First of all, congratulations to Tom Lovewell of Redwell Games on the successful funding of his Kickstarter campaign for Six Gun Showdown!

Secondly, Birmingham designer Andy Hopwood’s campaign for Daring Dustbunnies has reached 50% of its funding. Please do your utmost to ensure that he achieves his funding goal by spreading the word about the game and the Kickstarter. Here is a direct link to the campaign: Daring Dustbunnies KS Campaign.

Thirdly, Solar Storm by Birmingham designer Ayden Lowther is going live on Kickstarter in September.

Finally, there are a couple of other current Kickstarters that I’d like to mention. Blocks: Richard III is an adaption for PC and Mac of the block wargame Richard III. It has already exceeded its funding goal, but the better it does, the more likely it is that other games will be published in the series, including possibly This War Without an Enemy. If you have any interest in gamebooks, then I’d like to suggest taking a look at Arcane Rites, the first gamebook from experienced author Simon Birks, who co-founded Blue Fox Comics.


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