Birmingham Boardgame Bash 7

Hot on the heels of our anniversary event, we are proud to introduce the line up for our seventh meeting of designers with their prototype games at the Meeple Mayhem boardgame cafe. 

Those from afar…

  • James Naylor is making his first appearance at the Bash. His game, Magnate: The First City will be on Kickstarter later this year. In this mid-weight, 90-150 minute strategy game for 1-5 players, you’re a property developer out to make as much money as you can in a city-wide property boom. To win, you’ll need to snap up valuable plots of land and make strategic choices about what to build on them from a range of realistic 3D commercial, industrial and residential buildings: all in the hopes of attracting high value tenants.
  • Bez Shariari is returning for the third time at the Bash. She will be bringing several games including:
    Dice Farmers: draft dice – representing veg. – along with farmland and special abilities, then race to sell at opportune moments.
    Yogi Jr, the best party game of physical constraints, with added noises and remade to be slightly simpler. See Yogi for more details.
    Economickell, a 2-player game of drafting ‘shares’ and altering their values
    Sudockell, a sudoku-ish game for the Wibbell++ deck
    Many a Mickell makes a Muckell, a multiplayer solitaire word game where you work on 3 words at once. 
  • Pavel Shorikov, who stepped in at the last minute for BBB6 with his WW2 aerial combat game, will be returning to the WW2 theme with the hidden movement game: Convoy Commander.

Those from Brum…

  • Salvo Guastella is new to the Bash as a designer, though he did pop into BBB6 to try out other designers games. He’ll be bringing:
    Crossbones, a competitive strategic game for 2-4 players (90 min). Each player is the captain of a pirate crew. The goal of the game is to earn points and doubloons by accomplishing missions and objectives, unless your enemies sink your ship, but that’s another story..
    Fox on the Run is a quick and simple strategy games for 2-6 players (15 min). There are two factions in the game and each one of them wins in a different way. Players are characters with unique abilities and different goals.
  • Nicki Lloyd will be bringing Into Hell, the sequel to Immortality and the second game in his planned trilogy, as well as Jigsaw Jumble.
  • Richard Buxton has an exciting new project called Dawn of Gnome (60 minutes, 2-4 players). Lead a nation of Gnomes from the stone age to the modern age in this 4x game. Plan your actions to hit your enemies at their weakest, or to make a technological advance. Expand to find resources for your Wonders, but beware: each city you build presents more victory points for your opponents.
  • James Adey is back with Miners, the game of Dwarven exploration and mining for precious, and not-so-precious, metals.

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