Birmingham Boardgame Bash 6

It’s our anniversary! The sixth Birmingham Boardgame Bash will take place on Saturday 9th February, just over a year after our first ever event.  The venue is, as always, the Meeple Mayhem boardgame cafe. Andy Lefter will be coming from down south, on this way back home to up north. The rest of the designers will be familiar faces.

Those from afar…

  • Andy Lefter will come with Super-Bee, a fun little board game for children age 6 and over. It can be played by 2 to 6 players and it takes about 10 minutes to play. You are a little working bee and you have to collect as much honey as you can. At the end of the game the bee with the most honey in storage wins the game. If one of the bees manages to get the storage full before anyone else, then that bee wins the game.
  • Danny Tucker is returning after the warm reception last time for Caladium – Honor in Blood. This is a fantasy-based PVP strategy fighting game where players test their wits and skills in arena fighting in teams or alone.
  • Joseph Norris, is bringing back Fixer, a deck-building game with a unique supply and demand mechanic. Compete with your rival fixers to become the most notorious and wealthy fixer in dystopian Birmingham. Make connections with dealers for weapons, cybernetics and gear as well as customers to set yourself up as the middle man. Supply the powerful Nightlancers to get the most chips and prestige. The game is for 2-4 players and lasts 1-2 hours.

Those from Brum…

  • Emily and Kelsey will be launching the Kickstarter campaign for Warren Wars, their 2-4 player, 20-30 minute card game of bunny warfare! Choose your general and build your army as quick as you can! But you’ll need enough carrots to recruit new soldiers. Don’t have enough? Steal them! Use abilities, blocker cards and more to destroy your enemies and be the first to complete your army. Get carrots, recruit your army and lead them to victory. Hop to it!
  • Sean Buckland is returning with Firegangs 1840s, the fast fun furious game of inter-gang fire fighting for 2-4 players.
  • Collaborate to survive thSolar Storm and prevent your spacecraft colliding with the sun itself in this thematic, cooperative 2-4 player game from Ayden Lowther.
  • Nicki Lloyd will be bringing Into Hell, the sequel to Immortality and the second game in his planned trilogy, as well as Jigsaw Jumble.

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