Birmingham Boardgame Bash 5

The fifth Birmingham Boardgame Bash will take place on Saturday 17th November from midday at Meeple Mayhem. This time, we have new faces Danny Tucker and Tom Lovewell, as well as returning designers with new games to playtest.

Those from afar…

  • Tom Lovewell of Redwell games will dazzle us with Ka-Zing, a spell casting card game for 1-5 people, where players link together a series of wand movement cards followed by a magic word to cast spells. It has 3 different ways to play the game, 3 different difficulty levels which can be employed in such a way so that novices can learn to play the game playing experienced players and all players can have a competitive game. This can also be applied to adults playing the game with younger children. The Kickstarter campaign for Ka-Zing is currently underway, so if you like the game then you can back it straight away!
  • Danny Tucker (all the way from Wolverhampton!) will be presenting Caladium – Honor in Blood. This is a fantasy-based PVP strategy fighting game where players test their wits and skills in arena fighting in teams or alone.
  • Joseph Norris, who has previously brought Nightlancer and Arachnida to the Bash, will be returning with Fixer, a deck-building game with a unique supply and demand mechanic. Compete with your rival fixers to become the most notorious and wealthy fixer in dystopian Birmingham. Make connections with dealers for weapons, cybernetics and gear as well as customers to set yourself up as the middle man. Supply the powerful Nightlancers to get the most chips and prestige. The game is for 2-4 players and lasts 1-2 hours.

Those from Brum…or thereabouts

  • Emily and Kelsey are bringing Warren Wars, a 2-4 player, 20-30 minute, card game of bunny warfare! Choose your general and build your army as quick as you can! But you’ll need enough carrots to recruit new soldiers. Don’t have enough? Steal them! Use abilities, blocker cards and more to destroy your enemies and be the first to complete your army. Get carrots, recruit your army and lead them to victory. Hop to it!
  • James Adey is returning for more Dwarven exploration and mining adventures.
  • Bash veteran Simon Milburn, designer of Tin Mates, has a new game called Dice Diner.
  • Another Bash regular, Nicki Lloyd of Immortality fame, has some new material to test. Could it be something to do with the second game in his planned trilogy?

Please note there is a cover charge of £5 for attendees, which includes a free hot drink.


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