Mike Nudd and Andy Hopwood at Birmingham Boardgame Bash 3

After realising that we were entirely devoid of hat-wearing designers at our next event, we’re pleased to announce that two marvellous millinophiles will be joining us for BBB3 at Meeple Mayhem on 16th June:  Mike Nudd – the acclaimed designer of Waggle Dance and Dice Hospital – and Andy Hopwood – the creative force of nature behind Mijnlieff and Dodekka. 

The newly-expanded roster of designers and games at the event is as follows:

  • Caezar Al-Jassar of Alley Cat Games: Coral Islands, the 2-in-1 dice-stacking game, and Welcome to DinoWorld, a roll and write game in which 1 or more players build and manage their own dinosaur park.
  • Bez Shahriari: this prolific designer will spontaneously choose a few of her latest creations, which may or may not include some Wibbell++ games, AGWYB and Yogi 2, as well as the mysteriously-titled 2018.C and 2018.D
  • Mike Nudd: the legendary hat-wearer will tempt us with Termite Towers (a sequel to Waggledance), Captain Scarlet and Supervillainous
  • Joseph Norris: Nightlancer, a competitive cyberpunk game set in a unique dystopian Birmingham of 2099. Currently on Kickstarter!
  • Cameron Liam Isaacs:  The Arks, a 2-player sci-fi card-drafting game. Discover the secrets of the bioengineered species sent to Earth by a galactic union of advanced civilisations. 
  • Nicki Lloyd: Immortality, a turn-based game of Greek mythology, in which you try to escape the maze first to gain the gift of eternal life. On Kickstarter now!
  • Andy Hopwood: Daring Dustbunnies, a push-your-luck game with tactical gameplay, bluffing and secret identities.
  • Ayden Lowther: Stranded Spacecraft, a cooperative game in which you must repair and secure your spacecraft before you can escape. 
  • Simon Milburn: Tinmates, a game where you try to become the ‘Prison Boss’ by controlling the Yard, bribing the guards, training your gang of ‘Tinmates’.
  • Scott Moore:  This War Without an Enemy, a 2-player struggle for control of the military, religious and political destiny of 17th century England. Pre-order from Nuts! Publishing. 

BBB3 Games

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