Birmingham Designer Campaigns Underway

Immortality, the game of Greek mythology from Birmingham Designer Nicki Lloyd, began its Kickstarter campaign on 1st June and has almost reached 10% of its target of £9,000. If you missed the game at the UK Games Expo, then can try it out at Birmingham Boardgame Bash 3 on 16th June and at Birmingham Designers at Geek Retreat on 24th June.

This War Without an Enemy, the 2-player block wargame from Scott Moore, became available to pre-order from Nuts Publishing on 24th May. It is currently just one pre-order away from reaching 10% of its target of 300 pre-orders. You can meet its designer at Birmingham Boardgame Bash 3 and at Birmingham Designers at Geek Retreat.

Nightlancer, the cutthroat cyberpunk board game from Joseph Norris, also began its Kickstarter campaign on 1st June. It has almost reached 30% of its target of £17,500. You can try out the game at Birmingham Boardgame Bash 3.


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