Nightlancer Preview

Joseph Norris will be bringing Nightlancer to Birmingham Boardgame Bash 3 at Meeple Mayhem on 16th June. Here is a short preview from the designer himself:

I’m Joseph Norris the developer for Nightlancer. I’ve been an enthusiastic gamer and follower of the cyberpunk genre for over 20 years and have been designing games as a hobby for almost as long. Nightlancer is the first game I’ve developed that I think is ready to become a published game. I’ve been developing the game for 6 years, including one failed Kickstarter campaign in 2016, and it is now 99% complete.

Nightlancer2Nightlancer is a cut-throat cyberpunk-themed game for 2-4 players. Players control their Nightlancers, underworld operatives, and take on dangerous missions to make big money. They need to make careful use of their contact network, helping themselves and interfering with their opponents at key moments. They must choose missions carefully, navigating the available routes in the way that suits their equipment and abilities or they will fail and get nothing. They can invest the money into new cyberware, weaponry and other equipment to prepare for missions or they can invest it in training and other opportunities to build themselves up so they can survive the collapsing society.

The Nightlancer world is a dystopian Birmingham in 2099AD. Society is torn into the cloistered inner city, where everything is regulated and controlled by the Peace Bureau, and the dangerous slums overrun with death cults, shock packs and organised crime.

Nightlancer is on Kickstarter on the 31st of May and backers will have the opportunity to pledge to have themselves featured in the game art as contacts, antagonists or even as entire additional Nightlancers!


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