Birmingham Boardgame Bash 3

The next in our series of imaginatively titled events will burst into action at Meeple Mayhem from midday on Saturday 16th June. That’s (almost) a whole two weeks for you to recover from the UK Games Expo, so you have no excuse not to come along. This time, we have a quartet of specially-selected guest designers from the four corners of the land joining a trio of Birmingham Designers. The games they are offering vary from short and sweet, fun and frivolous through to thoughtful and thematic, serious and strategic.

Those from afar…
YogiBez Shahriari will be returning to grace us with some new designs from her uniquely creative mind. This prolific designer is well known for games such as the international smash hit Yogi, the Wibbell++ series and the forthcoming Kitty Cataclysm.
Caezar Al-Jassar, co-designer of Lab Wars and co-owner of Alley Cat Games (publishers of Dice Hospital and forthcoming Pocket Sub and Pocket Pharma), will bring a sample or two from the ever-expanding Alley Cat chorus.
Joseph Norris will darken the mood and ratchet up the tension with Nightlancer, a competitive cyberpunk game set in a unique dystopian Birmingham of 2099. A Kickstarter campaign for this game will begin on 31st May.
Cameron Liam Isaacs will take you still further into the future with the 2-player Sci-Fi card game The Arks.

Those from Brum…TWWE
– Still among the stars, Ayden Lowther will challenge you to survive the Stranded Spacecraft in cooperation with other players.
Simon Milburn then takes the action back down to Earth so that you can become the prison boss in Tinmates.
– Finally, it is back in time with Scott Moore to the 17th century conflict that is This War Without an Enemy or to rebuilding the medieval kingdom of Hungaria.

Please indicate your interest in coming to the event:


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