Playtest Planeteer at Birmingham Boardgame Bash 2

We have an exciting new addition to the roster of designers attending BBB2 – Canadian Tyler Lipchen will be travelling down from the far north* just to attend the event. He’ll be bringing his game:


Designer: Tyler Lipchen
Players: 1-4
Length: 90-120 minutes
Complexity: medium
Mechanisms: Dice Allocation, 4X, thematic

In Planeteer, each player takes the role of a Director of a freelance space exploration agency. Although these agencies serve the interests of Earth, each one is in direct competion with one another to earn Merit, the quantifiable favour of Earth and the victory points of the game. Players will be building unique Rovers using a combination of Components, and allocating Planeteer dice to take actions with them. Players will use these Rovers to explore the surface of a planetoid, exploit it for resources, expand their landing craft by buying upgrades or building structures, and exterminate hostile aliens or rival Rovers. By completing short-term public contracts, accomplishing long-term hidden objectives, and achieving scenario-based goals players will be awarded Merit and named Earth’s most intrepid Planeteer!


* He won’t be coming all the way from Canada on the day, but will be making an equally intrepid trip down from deepest Yorkshire.

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