More details of Birmingham Boardgame Bash 2

We can now confirm 5 of the board game designers who will be offering their games for playtesting at BBB2. The event will take place on Saturday 14 April and begins at midday.


Ayden Lowther
Stranded Spacecraft (2-4 players, 30-60 minutes)

Repair the ship, close everything down and hope that you and your crew have done enough to escape the death trap of a spacecraft.
Work together or die alone. Your spacecraft is caught in a meteor storm and the only way off is via the teleportation device. But it only works if the spacecraft is salvageable. In this survival cooperative game, you will need to repair and secure the spacecraft before you can escape. Push your luck by scavenging for limited resources and running the deck down. If the deck runs out you will certainly die. Damage control, resource management, and collaboration are crucial if you are going to live. Will you survive this Stranded Spacecraft?

Sean Buckland
Fire Gangs 1840s (2-5 players, 10-15 minutes)

The Fast, Furious and Fun Game of Inter-Gang Fire Fighting.
This game is the perfect time-filler while waiting for the rest of your gaming buddies to arrive. You take the part of an independent fire-gang. It is set during the 1840s when fire crews were known for being just as likely to fight each other or loot the property than put out the fire. So grab your dice, race to be the first to get the job done, and along the way maybe invest in a little fire prevention or just go for the punch up?

Nicki Lloyd
Immortality (2-4 players, 20-60 minutes)

The gift of immortality awaits the first person out of the maze who can best a mortal Zeus who is bored with life.
In this Greek mythology-based dice rolling, card drawing game the aim is to be the first out of the maze to receive Zeus’ gift of immortality. Players roll dice to determine their available actions and use them to crawl through the maze, which is a deck of cards players need to get through, finding along the way traps, treasure and beasts, whilst aiming to get keys that to work through a smaller, more dangerous deck where the exit lies. But be careful: turn the wrong corner and you will face one of the Minotaurs!

Richard Buxton 
Master of Olympus (2-4 players, 90 minutes)

Recover artefacts, capture cities and manipulate the lives of mortals as you prove yourself the best God on Mount Olympus.
The entirety of Greek Mythology is at your fingertips in this fully simultaneous, phase-based area control game. Stack your armies high above the board, or spread them out to score as many victory points as possible. Be warned: when winter comes, you may not be able to feed them all. But perhaps you’re not the kind of God who cares?

Simon Milburn
Tinmates (1-4 players, 15-45 minutes)  

Battle for the Yard to gain Power and become the Prison Boss.
A strategic area control game that was created for the 2017 Mint Tin Design Contest. You are a prisoner and you want to control this joint. When you’re in the cells you are just another guy, but that’s OK because that gives you time to rest, pump some iron, talk to the guards and slip them a bribe or two, and maybe just buy a pack of smokes. It’s all preparation though. Because when the time is right you are going to fight the guy in the yard, knock them down a peg or two, and become the ‘prison boss’.


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