More details of Birmingham Boardgame Bash 2

We can now confirm 5 of the board game designers who will be offering their games for playtesting at BBB2. The event will take place on Saturday 14 April and begins at midday.   Ayden Lowther Stranded Spacecraft (2-4 players, 30-60 minutes) Repair the ship, close everything down and hope that you and your crew... Continue Reading →


The Birmingham Boardgame Bash 2

After the success of the¬†Birmingham Boardgame Bash, which we hosted at the Meeple Mayhem board game cafe in Edgbaston last month, we are organising a follow up event for Saturday 14th April with the imaginative title of Birmingham Boardgame Bash 2! For this next event we are expanding to a total of 7 board game... Continue Reading →

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